Do you remember this lovely living room?……,,#Big Bear Lake

And this lovely entry?……,,#Big Bear Lake

And this lovely kitchen?……,,#Big Bear Lake

Well, we took a wrecking ball to it……,,#Big Bear Lake

And a sledge hammer……,,#Big Bear Lake

And a broom……

Cottage Location Map,,,#Big Bear Lake

And a blower, and a rake, and a saw……,,#Big Bear Lake

And we found really nasty stuff inside the walls because, after all, this charming, vintage cottage was built back in 1947, before I was even a twinkle in my mother’s eye.,,#Big Bear Lake

We also discovered that the only insulation in this winter resort cottage was in the attic, where it  had been laid on top of random pieces of junk wood. Naturally, we decided that it all had to go!  “Ya think?”,,#Big Bear Lake

So, nimble workers who had far more courage than I, braved the dead mice, and the cobwebs, and the 66 year old dust, and got it all outta there!,,#Big Bear Lake

We removed the god-awful ceiling fan from the bedroom……,,#Big Bear Lake

And relegated it to the front porch with a sign that read, “Free to a good home.” Apparently, the previous owners were quite cold in the winters sans insulation, but they enjoyed a cool breeze on hot summer nights from their lovely ceiling fan. Priorities after all!   Well, we decided that the installation of new insulation would be a preferable solution when battling the effects of mother nature.,,#Big Bear Lake

The plastic shower was the next thing to bite the dust……,,#Big Bear Lake

Along with the toilet that went the way of the city dump.,,#Big Bear Lake

The pedestal sink found a new home far, far away……,,#Big Bear Lake

As did the old windows with their broken screens.,,#Big Bear Lake

And the wall-to-wall carpet was sent packing……,,#Big Bear Lake

We knew that the back room had been a fairly recent addition.  We learned that it had been permitted by the City and that the walls were even insulated.  What a concept!  However, when the moulding around the door was removed, low and behold, I discovered some ancient buried treasure!  When constructing the room addition, what had once been an exterior wall was covered with drywall.  I guess there are those who would consider drywall an improvement over rich wood siding, but I would not include myself among those so inclined to commit such a folly.  And, beneath that drywall also lay the discovery that in a previous life, the cottage had not been the hideous, bright yellow that it was on that day, but rather, once lived a life as a very pleasing teal blue.,,#Big Bear Lake

Further demolition revealed that this pretty wood siding extended the length of the room, so I decided to rip off the drywall, in favor of exposing this vintage find. Demolition can prove to be quite rewarding at times, and it’s a great way to bring out your inner Jackie Chan too!  It’s really quite cathartic!  You should try it sometime;)

So, after taking out all my aggressions on that wall, I made my way home, looking forward to the next chapter in the cottage transformation.

Stay tuned for more fun and games as the saga continues………………..

IT GETS BETTER, HONEST IT DOES!  And all right, if curiosity has gotten the better of you and you just can’t wait to see, go ahead and visit the completed cottage here.

I’ll even let you spend the night!

Do you have a renovation, demolition tale to tell too?  Lets talk, shall we?!  


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