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Last time we met, I shared with you a post about My Spanish Style Birthday Party. I celebrated at a wonderful place in Redlands, California, called The Cooking Block.

John Shrader & Celia Becker at The Cooking Block |

The Cooking Block is a very unique place.  Opperated by Chef John Shrader, it is a “block” of commercial kitchens where producers of food can lease space. It’s used by local catering services, culinary educators, event planners and anyone else looking for a commercial kitchen from which to operate. John gave us a tour of his unique business when we celebrated my birthday at his cooking school.  But in the rear of his space, just beyond the large walk-in refrigerator and the pantry that I explored with my homies…

The Cooking Block |

lies a very secret spot.  It’s called The Dregs and it is located in the back of The Cooking Block. Unless you know it’s there you might just have a heck of a time finding it.  The actual entrance is found via a back alley behind The Cooking Block, where the only indication of its existence is an image of a black bottle on what appears to be the door to a warehouse.

The Dregs |

Unless you find your way there accompanied by my friend John via The Cooking Block, getting inside from the outside is another matter altogether, as the alley door is locked. You gain access by ringing the bell which activates flashing lights inside. Then you wait for someone to open the door. Very clandestine. Or, if you’re lost, they suggest you text 951-900-4125 and ask for directions. The tucked-away location gives it a sense of exclusivity, yet it is completely laid back and casual.

The Dregs |

Once inside The Dregs you find a hip, modern-day Speakeasy vibe. It’s a craft beer establishment and wine bar that also serves inventive appetizers prepared in John’s kitchen. Here’s a link to their menu which changes seasonally.

A wide variety of wine decorates the pallet-paneled walls, and the bartender is an expert Sommelier.

The Dregs|

They have draft beer on tap, as well as a large variety of bottled beer in a refrigerator case. Beer aficionados, like my friends Robert and Jim, appreciated the wide variety of brews offered.

The Dregs | www.AfterOrangeCounty.comThe Dregs |

There is seating at the bar or at the high-top tables that dot the room.

The Dregs |

Corrugated metal lines the walls where old movies flicker, adding to the bygone era vibe.

The Dregs |

You’d think this off-the-beaten-path establishment was a well kept secret until you enter and see that the tiny space is packed with those in the know. So, either make reservations or go early to insure a place to sit.

The Dregs |

If you are ever in the Redlands, California area, I highly recommend a visit to The Dregs. Call or text 951-900-4125 for directions and reservations.  You’ll be really glad you did!

So there you have it: THE DREGS

Oh, and by the way, stay tuned and tomorrow I’ll start sharing the recipes from my Spanish style birthday party at The Cooking Block.

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