Greetings and welcome to the inaugural post of a new series I’m calling Sundays With Celia.

For some time now I’ve been wanting to find a way to bring to you a weekly bit of miscellaneous inspiration, a summary of succulent things I’ve seen floating around the internet each week. And just like my life After Orange County, I hope to encourage you to join me for Sunday’s in the slow lane. So come on along, if only vicariously, up a meandering mountain road…

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA | Lake Arrowhead |

where you will find a little slice of heaven called Lake Arrowhead.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA | Lake Arrowhead |

It’s ninety minutes from the fast lane of Orange County, California and it’s from here that we can together enjoy a few minutes of time for ourselves, a little time to daydream and simply enjoy and appreciate the beauty all around us. So, let’s socialize on Sundays, shall we?

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA | Lake Arrowhead |

Things Worth Watching on a Sunday Afternoon

Last week a movie based on the book Me Before You arrived in theaters.  My Book Club and I loved the novel as well as the sequel, After You, so I simply couldn’t wait to see the movie. Thankfully it was showing at our little local movie theater here in Lake Arrowhead, so I dragged my husband and our best guy friend, David, to see it with me. I was worried it was going to be the typical chick flick and that the guys would hate me for making them see it, however, just the opposite turned out to be the case. The 3 of us sat there riveted, albeit with the kleenex tissues I handed out, and in the end they thanked me for making them see it.

It’s a story about what life and love have to offer, even to a couple who have nothing in common until love gave them everything to lose.

Sunday is a good day to see a movie, so why not go enjoy a good film today?

If you can’t make it to the movies today then perhaps you’d enjoy some couch potato time watching a new PBS series I have come to love called I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.  In a tasty nutshell it’s a show about travel and food, 2 of my most favorite things.

Producer Phil Rosenthal, creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” explores culinary specialties and unusual cuisine around the world and does it with a heaping dose of humor and wit. It’s actually kind of like a foodie-travelogue-sitcom. Each hourlong episode takes Rosenthal, and his viewers, on new adventures that include visits to restaurants, markets, vineyards and farms in places like Barcelona, Paris, Tokyo and even Los Angeles.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA |I'll Have What Phil's Having |

And the best part about the series is Rosenthal’s divine humor and charm that will keep you laughing and feeling good long after you watch the show. So, I’ll have lots of what Phil’s having and I hope you will too!

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA |I'll Have What Phil's Having |

Here’s a little tidbit of his trip to my ancestral home, Spain…

And here’s another sneak peek at this charming television show. Actually, Phil would not be happy that I suggested his viewers were “couch potatoes,” as his whole goal in the show is to get people off the couch and out into the world traveling.

You can watch the popular first season streaming on Netflix by clicking here.

Things Worth Reading on a Sunday Afternoon

OK, so maybe your idea of relaxing on a Sunday afternoon is being curled up in a cozy chair with a good book. I’ve recently picked up a copy of actor Rob Lowe’s book called Love Life and hope to do just that while lounging in a comfortable chair on my lakeside dock. I recently read a very moving excerpt from Rob Lowe’s book that was published on the website, entitled, “Rob Lowe on Sending his Son off to College.” I can totally relate, as perhaps you can too, to the emotional state our kids put us into when they finally leave the nest. In Rob Lowe’s words…

“Today is my son Matthew’s last night home before college.

I have been emotionally blindsided. I know that this is a rite many have been through, that this is nothing unique. I know that this is all good news; my son will go to a great school, something we as a family have worked hard at for many years. I know that this is his finest hour. But looking at his suitcases on his bed, his New England Patriots post­ers on the wall, and his dog watching him pack, sends me out of the room to a hidden corner where I can’t stop crying.”

Ironically, my middle son Taylor met Rob Lowe and his son when they visited the Congressional Pages on the floor of the United States Congress. Taylor ( far left head popping up) was a Congressional Page at the time and the Page Boss asked Taylor to give Rob Lowe’s son his official Page Pin, a pin only available to, and worn by House Pages. I do hope he’s taking good care of that very special pin.

Sunday's With Celia | Rob Lowe with Congressional Pages |

Things Worth Listening to on Sunday

We have a lot of interesting people living here in Lake Arrowhead, including a lot of celebrities who escape to our mountain from nearby Hollywood. Earlier in the week we were cruising the lake with some friends visiting from Florida, pointing out a lot of the homes that are, or have been, owned by celebrities. One such home is this one, previously owned by singer/songwriter Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA | Lake Arrowhead |

I grew up loving Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys and like many, know all of the words to their songs. One of my favorites is, “God Only Knows.” So, I was so happy to discover a wonderful video featuring this classic song, sung by a bevy of amazing artists. Listen, you’ll be glad you did. It is such a feel-good song!

So, there you have it: SUNDAYS WITH CELIA

I hope to make Sundays With Celia a weekly column and I hope you’ll join me! What will you be doing on this lovely Sunday afternoon?

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  • I love Sunday’s with Celia. What a great series to look forward to each week.
    I forget how beautiful it is in Lake Arrowhead. I love seeing the beautiful homes. Such a shame really that I don’t get up there more often given that it’s really close to the OC and LA area. For years I use to go up there each year as a girls getaway but life just kind of got in the way and it’s been a while since the girls gathered.

    Today’s post was a great introduction. I actually have watched Phil’s show and am hooked. The format reminded me a bit of a fresh take on Anthony BourdaiN. I love Phil’s sense of humor also.

    Gave a great Sunday. Looking forward to next week’s post…

  • diane

    Great suggestions…I am going to pick up that Rob Lowe book today as I am still trying to recover from the emotional toll of marrying off my only daughter. Enjoy your Sunday as I know I will, even more now thanks to reading your fun column.

  • Thanks Diane. I’m so glad I could add a little something to your Sunday. I hope you enjoy Rob Lowe’s book. He is surprisingly very well spoken.

  • You need to “revive” your old tradition of a girls getaway and get on up here soon! Isn’t “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” a hoot?! Food, travel and humor are 3 really good reasons to watch TV! Hope you are having a great Sunday too!

  • Hi Juliet! It’s so strange but last night I happened to see a comment you had made on a previous post and I thought to myself, “Where’s Juliet? I haven’t heard from her in awhile…I wonder if she still follows me???” Then low and behold you leave a comment. So welcome back! And yes, you really do need to come see Lake Arrowhead. Let me know how you like Rob Lowe’s book and Phil Rosenthal’s PBS series. I love them both! Good luck with your kitchen design meeting.

  • Hi Karen. Glad you’re going to check out “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.” It is so entertaining. Watching it I find myself with a big smile on my face until it hurts. As for the lake, sadly it’s not full but not bad. I believe it’s down about 7′, as here in SoCal we did not get the expected El Nino that Northern California got. It’s so much better than in the severe drought days though. You’ll have to come up!

  • We have good friends that have a lovely place on Bear Mountain, Big Bear. I remember some years ago when the lake water level was so low, it was sad. I am hopeful we’ll get some normal rainfall this winter since we missed out on the expected El Nino.
    I’d love to visit Arrowhead some time—it’s been awhile since I’ve been there. It’s always been special to me in that it seems like more of an European village.

  • Jane

    Ditto ditto on Me Before You. Book CLub loved it! ANd two men in our movie going group loved it! Wasn’t sure they would!
    Thanks for the Beach Boys – ah, summer!

  • Hi Karen, well do please let me know if you ever make it to town. I’d love to meet up!

  • See everyone…I told ya so!! Me Before You is not just a chick flick, Jane says so too! LOL! And yes, isn’t that music video of “God Only Knows” just the best!! Glad you enjoyed my new series Jane. Thanks so very much for stopping in and saying hi.

  • Keep on keepin’ on…..