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Looking Back On Sunday

It’s been a busy week so I only managed to publish one blog post. I featured a great company called Basic Invite, where I’m getting my Christmas Cards this year. If you missed that post have a look at it by clicking here. has a great selection of every kind of card, announcement, invitation or stationary item you can think of, and they are offering 30% off of their Holiday Cards to my blog followers. Get the discount code over on the post.


Halloween In Our House

Now that we are empty nesters and our grandchildren live 3,000 miles away, Halloween is not such a big event anymore in the Becker abode. However, my husband and I take great pleasure in the 5 adorable munchkins that live across the street, who faithfully make us their first Trick or Treating stop every year.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Halloween In Our House |

Mom Kari is a master at dressing them up in very creative ways and also does terrific makeup too.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Halloween In Our House |

This year the girls dressed up as Darling Does (Female Deer)…

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Halloween In Our House |

and their brothers were hunters. SO DARN CUTE and appropriate for our mountain location, where all of us love the neighborhood deer but really wish they’d go eat someone else’s rose bushes. Where are the hunters when we need them (really, I’m just joking, well maybe not).

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Halloween In Our House |

Every Halloween I try to think of a special treat to make for these kids, the only Trick or Treaters we ever get in our neighborhood. This year I decided to make them Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Halloween In Our House |

I broke my own rule never to give out treats that I like, as it can be very dangerous for the waistline. If truth be told I love Candy Corn, and who can resist Rice Krispy Treats? NOT ME 🙁

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Halloween In Our House | Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats |

My friendly deer-hunter-neighbor packed his treat right into his knapsack of hunting provisions. I’m always happy to help the local deer hunters.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Halloween In Our House |

I Know I’m Late To This Party But…

OK, am I the only person just now finding out about the American political drama TV series, Designated Survivor, which debuted way back in September of 2016?  Somehow I missed the boat on that, but now, after over 40 episodes and 2 full seasons are on Netflix for my binge-viewing enjoyment, I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep. That’s because I watch TV every night to fall asleep, and since discovering Designated Survivor, I simply can’t turn it off. I’m finding myself glued to the TV until midnight watching star, Kiefer Sutherland, who plays the American Cabinet Member who was named the designated survivor for the State of the Union address.  In this edge-of-your-seat drama, the Designated Survivor suddenly ascends to the position of President after the US Capitol Building is blown up, killing the President, the Congress, the Supreme Court Justices and everyone ranked ahead of him in the line of succession. At my rate of binge-watching this terrific show it won’t be long before I’ll be longing for more. Thankfully, Netflix is producing a third season of 10 episodes, to be released in 2019.  If you’re like me and have somehow survived this long without watching Designated Survivor, I recommend that you don’t wait a moment longer to get with the program. You’ll be glad you did!

Greetings From Tokyo

My son, his business partner, and several of their staff members were in Tokyo & Kyoto Japan on business this week.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Tokyo, Japan |

He’s grown up to do more traveling than his mother so sometimes I have to live vicariously through him ;).

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Tokyo, Japan |

I’m not sure how much business they are getting done but they sure are eating well. If you’re like me and enjoy eating ramen & sushi, these photos may just be pure torture. I’m sorry!

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Tokyo, Japan |

What a work of art!

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Kyoto, Japan |

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Tokyo, Japan |

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Sushi in Tokyo, Japan |

Ok, well maybe I’d skip this last little morsel.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 66 | Kyoto, Japan |

I Learned Something New This Week

As an American of Spanish descent I had the distinct pleasure of being brought up with some of the traditions enjoyed in my family’s Spanish culture. One such pleasure is the Spanish tradition of lingering around the dining table long after the meal has been consumed. This time is spent in conversation, perhaps having an Espresso or a Sherry, maybe playing the popular Spanish card game we call Chinchón, simply enjoying each-other’s company, but never-ever rushing away from the table. This practice is also observed in Spanish restaurants, where you don’t receive the check until you ask for it. Spaniards consider it rude to rush a diner.


This is a practice I enjoy immensely, both with my family and when I entertain friends at home. One of my biggest pet-peeves is when a person interrupts this period by leaving the table to do the dishes for example. It can simply destroy the moment and the flow of the evening. While my family practices this tradition, I never knew until this week that it actually had a name:


While this word when literarily translated into English means “Over The Table”, we really don’t have such a word in English that expresses its true intention. So sad. In fact, another of my favorite words in Spanish, Simpatico, (being in agreement with the whole vibe and flow of things, or being aligned or in agreement with a person or group of people), suffers from the same absence of a single word in English.

In fact, I ran across this really cool list of 11 Untranslatable words from other cultures on a website called Mother Nature Network. These are words for very specific emotions or things that have no matches for them in other languages. Check it out by clicking here.


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