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I hope you are managing to stay warm in this very cold country of ours. We are experiencing another cold & very wet streak here in what is normally warm, dry SoCal, so I’m not complaining. Here’s what my back terrace looked and sounded like on Friday afternoon when the storm began…

But I was dreaming of a time recently spent in sunny, warm, south Florida, so this week I took you on a trip to Little Gasparilla Island. It was a way to stay warm vicariously through the pretty pictures of an island that rarely reaches temperatures requiring a sweater. So, what are you doing to stay warm?

Looking Back On Sunday

In case you missed it, let me help you escape this winter cold with a visit to South Florida, where the very private Little Gasparilla Island was our home-away-from-home for a few lovely, warm days of quiet, relaxing seclusion. Click here to view the post.



We Have A Winner!

Congratulations are in order! Sandra Van Sickle is the lucky winner of a 16″ X 20″ Canvas Print from Canvas On The Cheap.

Things I’m Loving On Sunday

On a recent visit to the home of my DC dwelling son I fell in love with the beautiful French Lavender Liquid Soap in his Powder Room. I took a closeup photo of the lovely dispenser so I would remember it in order to get myself some when I returned home. So, I found it here, along with another scent I enjoy equally as much, that of Verbena. I can’t recommend it enough! It smells so good and looks so pretty that I put one bottle in my bathroom, another in my powder room, and another in my kitchen.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Panier Des Sens Lavender Liquid Marseille Soap | www.AfterOrangeCounty.comSUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Panier Des Sens Verbena Liquid Marseille Soap |

Planning My Travel Wardrobe On Sunday

In anticipation of my upcoming cruise to Europe I picked up a couple of jackets on sale at Nordstrom. Isn’t it ironic that at the height of winter outerwear goes on sale? I got this cute Asymmetrical Zip Boiled Wool Blend Coat by Halogen at 35% off for $130. I thought the gray color would be good for our spring trip, but the coat comes in Black & Red as well.


I also felt it was time for a new classic black coat in a timeless style, so I purchased this Lauren By Ralph Lauren Wool Blend Reefer Coat. I like its fitted profile, which is very slimming. The coat comes in 4 other colors as well.


We will be doing a TON of walking on our trip and comfortable yet attractive shoes are essential. So, I got these Laila Loafers .Well, I can’t begin to tell you how exceptionally comfortable these shoes are, probably the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned. I purchased them in Black but now I want them in Brown & Navy too!


I never travel without my Zip Top Transport Leather Tote. It’s actually one of my travel secrets. I stash my purse inside this tote bag along with my Travel Binder. Yes, whenever we take a long trip I make up a travel binder where I have organized every last detail of our trip. For me the planning is half the fun of traveling. Then I slip my Travel Tote over the handle of my carry on luggage and I have absolutely everything I need for our trip at the ready. By the way, this pebbled leather tote comes in 4 colors.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Madewell Zip Top Transport Leather Tote |


When I get to my destination I switch to a Crossbody Bag for use when I am out and about on shore excursions or sight seeing. Crossbody Bags are the safest when it comes to avoiding pickpockets and purse snatchers (one day I’ll tell you the story of when I got my purse stollen in Barcelona!). Then my Tote Bag, with the zippered top, becomes my handy and safe shopping tote.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 |Céline Dion Triad Leather Crossbody Bag |

I’m a super fan of NYDJ, with the majority of pants in my closet are represented by this brand. I favor the figure flattering fit of their skinny jeans. I recently added these Coated Stretch Skinny Jeans to my wardrobe and I love them! They look like leather but without the price-tag.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | www.AfterOrangeCounty.comSUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | NJDJ Coated Skinny Jeans |

I found this cute Tie-Front Top that will go with everything and transition from day to night. Versatility will be important as I try to pack smartly for this 14 day cruise. It also comes in Navy and in a print. I love the flouncy sleeves and the flattering V-neckline.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 |Tie Front Shirt $69.00 |

These Drape Front Blouses are available in 7 colors at Nordstrom for $49. I like the fact that they give the illusion that they are tucked in in front, yet they aren’t, making them comfortable and relaxed. I purchased them up in a couple of colors. Don’t you love it when you find something you like and you can pick it up in multiple colors?

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Drape Front Blouse $49 | www.AfterOrangeCounty.comSUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Drape Front Blouse $49 | www.AfterOrangeCounty.comSUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Drape Front Blouse $49 | www.AfterOrangeCounty.comSUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Drape Front Blouse $49 |

Traveling is a good excuse to update one’s wardrobe, and it always makes me feel my best to set off on a journey knowing I look good day and night. And as seasoned sailors, Brad and I have a morning routine when we cruise: we have our coffee and a croissant delivered to our suite as a wakeup call. That way I have something to tide me over as I get ready in the morning. But it also means a new pair of cute PJ’s are in order.  So I picked up a pair of these J.Crew Vintage Cotton P.J’s for our upcoming TransAtlantic voyage. They also come in navy & light blue.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Vintage Cotton P.J's by J.Crew |

Suggestion For Your Super Bowl Sunday Supper

This week I prepared a recipe from the Food Network for what they called a Giant Taco Roll. It was pretty darn yummy and seemed like it might be a perfect football-watching kinda guy’s dish. I served it with a dollop of my Game Day Guacamole on the side and a green salad. You’ll have to pop on over to their website for the recipe, as it’s not mine, but here’s how it’s made…

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | www.AfterOrangeCounty.comSUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Giant Taco Roll |

Sprinkle Mexican cheese blend on a parchment-lined baking sheet that has first been sprayed with PAM. Cover it with an overlapping layer of mini corn tortillas.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Giant Taco Roll | www.AfterOrangeCounty.comSUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Giant Taco Roll |

Sprinkle another layer of Mexican cheese over the tortillas, then melt it in a 350º oven for 20 minutes.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Giant Taco Roll | www.AfterOrangeCounty.comSUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Giant Taco Roll |

Top that with a pound of ground beef that has been cooked with a package of Taco Seasoning, 1 T. tomato paste, a can of refried beans, sliced black olives, some pico de gallo and more cheese. Roll it all up, return it to the oven and bake for an additional 20 minutes. Slice and serve with guacamole & salsa.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76 | Giant Taco Roll |

Hey, and if you’re looking for some really last-minute Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes check out this previous blog post.


Watching a SAG Nominated Movie On Sunday

It’s always nice to have friends who are members of the Screen Actors Guild that invite you over each year to help them watch the movies nominated for SAG awards. Our friend, affectionately called The Walking Dub, is always kind enough to share his stash of films with his homies. So on Friday night we hunkered down in his home to watch VICE. In the film Christian Bale does an unbelievable job playing the role of, and totally transforming himself into, Vice President Dick Cheney. It was thoroughly entertaining despite the fact that he didn’t win Best Actor at this week’s SAG Awards.

And while the remake of A Star is Born also fell short at the SAG awards, the sound track was my favorite part of the film. And this performance by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in Las Vegas was a nice reminder of how sweet the music was.

How do you think these films will fair at the Oscars?

A Stunningly Beautiful Film On Sunday

You may recall that I told you in this post that in my next life I’d like to be a gentlelady farmer. Well, in this little film below you can see how a family in France has made a beautiful life of sheep herding. It’s a bit too rugged for my taste, but for this family it is exquisite. Do take the time to watch it, as it will transport you, if just for a few minutes, to a magnificent place of peace and tranquility with nature and lovely sweet animals.

Well, do stay safe and warm. Hunker down, tuck in, and have a super, Super Bowl Sunday.

So there you have it: SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 76

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