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Cruising has become one of the most popular ways to travel the world. And, as you know if you’re a regular around here, it’s definitely my favorite way to travel. My husband Brad and I have been cruising together since we were married, 27 years ago. In fact, we’ve taken so many cruises that we are running out of destinations to choose. So, I can say with sincerity and enthusiasm,  I know a lot about cruising.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #walkingshoes #packing #cruiseattire #cruising #OceaniaCruises #OceaniaRiviera

Today, as Brad and I are deciding on our next cruise destination, I’d like to offer you my advice on packing the perfect cruise wardrobe. In my opinion there are 3 essential items you’ll want to pack for every cruise. Whether you’re eyeing a warm weather destination where you’ll be able to visit lovely islands…

or taking a river cruise through Europe…

or even embarking on an epic repositioning cruise that takes you all the way across the Atlantic (as we did last April), cruising provides you with a unique perspective when holidaying. Top that with the fact that it is also a very luxurious and comfortable way to travel, it’s no wonder more and more people book this style of vacation every year.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #walkingshoes #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions

It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of preparing for your first ever cruise or you’re a veteran who has been on many journeys; making sure you pack the right kind of clothing will help ensure that the vacation is incredible. So, what should you pack for your cruise? Well, I’ve got you covered with three items you’ll want to throw in your suitcase no matter the cruise destination.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #walkingshoes #packing #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions


When it comes to footwear, one item that is an absolute must when cruising is comfortable, supportive walking shoes. Don’t plan to break in new shoes on your trip. Make sure you put them to the test well before you depart. I’ve made that mistake and really paid the price.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #walkingshoes #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions

Sure, there will be times where you need to throw on dress shoes or even sandals for sitting by the ship’s pool, but in general it is your walking shoes that will get the most wear.

Shore excursions will typically have you walking a lot more, and for many days in a row, than you do at home.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #walkingshoes #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions

So be prepared for uneven surfaces like European cobblestones and steps. Lots and lots of steps!

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #walkingshoes #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions

Comfortable walking shoes are important even when you are exploring and strolling through the ship, as the waves can make for some uneven footing, so having supportive shoes is a must.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #oceaniacruises #OceaniaMarina #walkingshoes #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions

Here are a couple of my favorite walking shoes. Click on the photos for information.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | Rockport Let's Walk Mid Sneaker | #walkingshoes #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursionsPACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | Biom Fjuel' Sneaker By ECCO | #walkingshoes #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions


A few cruise lines still offer an optional formal night or two, typically tied with a cocktail reception when you meet the Captain of the ship. Even if you opt out of “formal” attire, most cruisers do get dressed up for dinner. But who wants to pack bulky dressy clothing? Instead, a good way to add a dressy appearance to garments is to use jewelry and accessories to jazz up your outfits.  Accessories will take up much less room in your suitcase, yet will provide the impact you need. I pack my jewelry in see-thru individual drawstring jewelry pouches to keep them safe and organized. These bags then get placed in a small zippered bag that I place in my carry-on luggage.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #jewelry #walkingshoes #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions

I recommend lovely manmade stones in the jewelry you travel with, rather than risking the loss of valuable precious pieces.  You could go for a lovely statement-making right hand ring.  There is a variety of styles, cuts, and even stones to choose from so you can really make the statement that you’re after.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #jewelry #walkingshoes #righthandring #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursionsPACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #jewelry #walkingshoes #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #jewelry #walkingshoes #righthandring #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions


Expert, experienced travelers always recommend packing in a mix and match fashion, choosing one color palette that you can work off of. This allows you to create a number of outfits from a relatively small number of pieces. Great accessories like scarves and shawls can changeup the look of an outfit as well.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #walkingshoes #packing #cruiseattire #cruising

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #walkingshoes #packing #cruiseattire #cruising

As you grab for your various mix and match pieces, you will also want to think in terms of layers. Remember, even if the cruise destination is warm and sunny, it can still be chilly in the mornings and evenings, plus the air conditioning on the ship can also be quite cold. Layers will ensure you’re prepared for any kind of weather, perhaps even snow like we encountered on our Transatlantic cruise in the middle of April!.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #walkingshoes #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions


So, as you pack your luggage for your cruise, be sure to keep these three key things in mind. This will guarantee your comfort and enjoyment, and make for a fantastic vacation.

PACKING THE PERFECT CRUISE WARDROBE | #walkingshoes #cruiseattire #cruising #shoreexcursions

Walk-in Closet in Oceania’s Riviera Penthouse Suite

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