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This recipe is so delicious I guarantee you will not have any leftovers. Plus, you will be the shining star of the party and everyone will want the recipe.
Recipe type: Appetiser
Serves: 15-20
  • 1 Package Frozen Puff Pastry Dough (2 sheets)
  • 1- 8 oz. Jar Grey Poupon Country Style Mustard
  • ½ Lb Genoa Salami, Sliced Paper-Thin
  • 1 Lb. Pepper Jack Cheese, Grated
  • 1 Egg
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Spray a 12" x 17" sheet pan with cooking spray.
  3. Thaw 2 sheets puff pastry dough according to package instructions to room temperature.
  4. Roll out 2 sheets of puff pastry dough on a lightly floured surface to be slightly larger than the sheet pan.
  5. Lay 1 sheet of pastry onto the greased sheet pan, allowing the excess dough to drape over all 4 sides.
  6. Coat the entire bottom of the pastry dough with a thin layer of mustard (using about ⅔rds of jar).
  7. Layer the Genoa Salami in overlapping rows, completely covering the bottom of the pan.
  8. Sprinkle Pepper Jack Cheese evenly over the salami.
  9. Lay the second layer of pastry dough over the pan, allowing the excess dough to drape over the sides.
  10. Using your fingers, roll the two layers of excess dough up and in along the edge of the pan.
  11. Pinch the dough together.
  12. Using a fork, crimp the edges of the dough to form a tightly sealed crust.
  13. Crack the egg into a small bowl, add 1 T. water and beat with a fork to incorporate.
  14. Brush egg wash lightly over the top layer of pastry dough, including the edges.
  15. Bake in the center of the oven for about 20 minutes until puffy and golden brown.
  16. Using a large spatula, immediately slide onto a cutting board, large enough to fit the entire French Sandwich.
  17. Using a large knife, cut on the diagonal into bite sized pieces.
  18. Serve hot, using the cutting board as your serving platter.
Recipe by After Orange County at http://afterorangecounty.com/2014/09/18/the-recipe-everyone-asks-me-for/