After Orange County, my family and I moved to Lake Arrowhead, California. I think it is arguably one of the prettiest places on the planet.  I consider it a privilege to call this little slice of heaven my home., #Lake Arrowhead

If you look really closely you can see my dock.  See it?  It’s right over there!, #Lake Arrowhead

Look, my husband’s waving at you!  Isn’t he cute?  He rocks my world, and my boat!, #Lake Arrowhead

I asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking you on a boat tour around the lake.  He’s the captain of my ship., #Lake Arrowhead

I hope you don’t mind if we visit a few friends along the way?  Oh look, that’s my homie Brenda!, #Lake Arrowhead

She throws the best dock parties……………….., #Lake Arrowhead, #Watermellon Margarita

that often include a great Watermelon Mint Mojito!  Cheers!  Come on.  You can bring your drink with you……………….., #Lake Arrowhead

Hey Brad, I know I said you rock my world but, please, don’t run into those boulders!, #Lake Arrowhead, #Yacht Club

That’s the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club over there.  One of these days I’ll take you with me to dinner there.  I live for their lobster dinners on the open-air terrace.  Talk about heaven!  After dinner we can take a moonlit cruise where you can really enjoy the heavens.  Far from the city lights, stars are in full regalia here at 5,000 feet above it all., #Lake Arrowhead, #Sailing

Members of the Yacht Club spend their summers sailboat racing.  I prefer my boats with engines and cute Captains., #Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead has lots of really charming houses right on the lake.  Mine is not one of them, on the lake that is., #Lake Arrowhead

I have to drive down this road to get to the lake……………….., #Lake Arrowhead

Unlike some folks who have the lake right in their backyards!, #Lake Arrowhead

They make me really jealous!, #Lake Arrowhead

But then there are folks like Tom Selleck, a former resident of this Lake Arrowhead gem, who get to park their boats in their basements!, #Lake Arrowhead

Many celebrities call Lake Arrowhead home.  Are you impressed?  Hey, I’ll admit I left Orange County to escape all that keepin’ up with the Jones’ stuff? But, Beach Boy Brian Wilson used to call this house home.  His boat was called California Girls.  He was my teen idol!

And don’t tell my husband, but in my teen idol days I used to dream of Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze.  Before his untimely death, I used to swoon over him as he sped past us on his motor boat.  I never did figure out where he lived however ., #Lake Arrowhead

OK, since I’m name-dropping, I’ll tell you another little secret.  I hear tell that a certain late-night talk-show host calls this his home-away-from-home., #Lake Arrowhead

And a certain Rock Star makes music here………………..

My girlfriend lives in Shirley Temple’s old house and another girlfriend houses her Dinner Theater Company in “The Tudor House,” gangster Bugsy Siegel’s old lair. Over the years, many Hollywood celebs such as Doris Day, June Lockhart, Dick Clark, Liberace, John Candy, Roseanne Barr, Heather Locklear, Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber have called Lake Arrowhead home.  They must have shared my love for this very special slice of paradise.

Do you own a home on or near a lake?  If so, which one?


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