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After Orange County is a publication dedicated to living life in the slow lane but doing it in style. I escaped The OC for life at a higher elevation. Leaving suburbia behind, I now live in the beautiful mountain resort of Lake Arrowhead.  My followers join me at 5,000 feet above and beyond as I cook, garden, renovate, entertain, travel and live life After Orange County. In a trusted and authentic editorial voice I provide my readers with the ultimate inspiration for living the good life.

In the “Cook” category I feature unique and delicious recipes in a step-by-step tutorial fashion that empowers my followers to prepare delicious recipes with confidence.

In the “Travel” section readers follow me around the globe as I candidly blog about airline experiences, ocean and river cruises, hotels, restaurants, cities and sightseeing attractions.

In the “Entertain” section I bring readers into my home, showing them how to be a gracious hostess, giving them not only great inspiration but links to all the products and resources I feature.

In the “Renovate” portion of the blog I show readers how to turn old, rundown, fixer-upper cabins in the woods into the most charming vacation rental properties on the market. Here too, links are provided to all of the products and resources I use in my renovations.

The “Home & Garden” section of the blog is dedicated to all of my miscellaneous endeavors, from my popular “How To” posts, to features on home decor, holidays, DIY projects and much, much more.

In the “Lake” category I take readers with me as we entertain on the dock, cruise the calm waters and possibly catch a glimpse of one of the many Hollywood celebrities that call Lake Arrowhead home.

Analytics & Demographics

Founded in October 2013, After Orange County is a fast-growing lifestyle blog with a mature, engaged readership of cooking enthusiasts, home decor lovers, travel buffs, entertainers and shoppers. We continue to grow with every post. Here’s how the numbers stack up:

  • US Alexa Ranking: 274,598
  • 60,000+ Page Views Per Month & Growing
  • 37,000+ Unique Users Per Month & Growing
  • 87%  Women
  • Age 45-54 (23%), Age 25-34 (21%), Age 34-44 (21%), 55-64 (17%)
  • 81% of Blog Followers Live in the U.S.
  • 19% Reside in Canada, the UK, Australia, Spain & France

Social Media


  • 12,000 + Followers
  • 1.7 Million Monthly Viewers
  • From the US, Canada, Australia, UK & South Africa +
  • Reside in Major Metropolitan Areas: DC, LA, NY, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia +


  • 1,940+ Likes
  • 79% Female, 21% Male Fans
  • Age 45-54 (23%), Age 55-64 (22%), Age 35-44 (17%)


  • 500+ Followers & growing


  • 800+ Followers & growing. I’m new to this platform.

Some Recent Brand Partnerships

Options For Promotions

Leverage my successful editorial content with my loyal readers who are ready to engage via:

  • Sidebar Ads
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Custom Recipes
  • Giveaways
  • Guest Posts
  • Social Media Promotion & Integration with Every Ad, Sponsored Post and Custom Recipe

Sidebar Ads

Have a company, product, service or blog you think is in keeping with the overall theme, aesthetic and demographic of my blog? If so I welcome your ad. Ads are approximately 300 x 600px and are placed in the right sidebar column and will link directly to the advertiser’s web page. For ads that run 3 months or more I will provide a mini featured post (part of a larger post) to introduce the advertiser to my readership. This will allow your company, blog, service or product to be showcased and gain additional exposure with links back to your website. And, I’ll conduct a contest giveaway of your product (contributed by you) if you wish.


  • 1 Month $79.00 (includes a giveaway)
  • 3 Months $199.00 (includes mini featured post and a giveaway)
  • 6 Months $349.00 (includes mini featured post and a giveaway)

Sponsored Posts (Also see Sponsored Guest Posts)

Have a company, product, service or blog you think is in keeping with the overall theme, aesthetic and demographic of my blog? Do you have a product you’d like me to use in one of my cabin renovation projects, at one of my parties or in my kitchen? I welcome creating sponsored posts that I believe my readership would enjoy and benefit from. This would be an entire post dedicated to you. As part of the dedicated blog post I’ll conduct a contest giveaway of your product (contributed by you) if desired. I will also promote the post across all channels of my social media platforms. And, I’ll provide you with a FREE, 1 month ad placement.



Mini Sponsored Post

I will write a mini sponsored post featuring your company or product that will be a part of my popular posts entitled Sundays With Celia. Unlike the opportunity above, this article would not be dedicated to you alone, but rather be a part of a larger post on miscellaneous topics of interest to my readership. As part of the mini sponsored blog post I’ll conduct a contest giveaway of your product (contributed by you) if desired.



Custom Recipe Posts

Have a food product, kitchen appliance or kitchenware item you’d like to promote? I’ll work with you to develop a delicious recipe with links back to your website. As part of a blog post, which will be dedicated solely to your recipe or product, I’ll conduct a contest giveaway of your product (provided by you). I will also promote the post across all channels of my social media platforms. And, I’ll provide you with a FREE, 1 month ad placement. Click here for an example of a recipe post that has received over 200,000 blog visits to date and has been repinned on Pinterest 33,000+ times.



French Sandwich Statistics


Have you got the coolest, prettiest, most delicious or must-have product for my readers? Please tell me more. I welcome giveaways as part of a ad placement, sponsored post or custom recipe post and will conduct a contest to giveaway your product.

Sponsored “Guest” Posts

Are you a company with great products that fits my blogs overall theme, aesthetic and demographic? Do you think my readership would like to hear about you and your products? I will consider guest post contributions written by you with the caveat that I reserve the right to edit them in a mutually agreed upon fashion to fit my blogging style and visual esthetic. This would be a post dedicated solely to your article and not a feature as part of a larger post. I’d love to include a product giveaway (contributed by you) with your guest post.



Guest Bloggers

Are you a blogger with a similar style and following that has something you’d like to contribute to After Orange County? Contact me with an idea for a blog post and a link to your blog to be considered for a guest post. If you represent a company or product please see my “Sponsored Guest Post” section above.


Please note the following:

  • I disclose all Sponsored Content as “Sponsored”. It’s the law.
  • I no longer accept “Do-Follow” links. All links are “No-Follow”. It’s the best policy for all concerned.
  • I do not accept Adult Content, Gaming Content or Drug Related Content for posts or ads.


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I accept payment through PayPal Friends & Family. My PayPal account is

Thank you for considering a partnership with AOC. I’d love to be your valued partner and I look forward to working with you!