With Easter right around the corner, I am having trouble deciding if I should prepare Easter baskets for my kids again this year.  You see, I have five kids, ranging in age from 29 down to 17.  The thing is, I love holidays.  Holidays are an excuse to cook and decorate and be crafty and give gifts.  And, after all, who doesn’t like to receive a nice gift?  So, even though my kids have long since stopped believing in the Easter Bunny, I still enjoy giving them Easter Baskets.

Last year we spent Easter at my son’s home in Washington, DC.  My first Grandchild, Elle, was only a few weeks old.

The Easter Basket |

The Easter Bunny did not forget her and delivered a beautiful basket to her.

The Easter Basket |

And she did not forget the Easter Bunny, leaving him with an Easter snack.

The Easter Basket |

Naturally, I made Elle an Easter basket too.  I put lovely girly things in a beautiful lace covered hat box.

The Easter Basket |

Of course, she slept through the whole exercise of unveiling it, but maybe one day she’ll see these photos and appreciate the gesture.

The Easter Basket |

But I had debated then, as I am doing now, weather to give Easter Baskets to my grown children as well.  The previous year I gave one to my stepson Adam.  I filled it with some pretty accessories for his new home.

The Easter Basket |

I think he was a little embarrassed because he had to carry the basket in public. That’s because I gave it to him at the restaurant where we met for dinner. Oh the awkwardness of it all, a grown man with an Easter Basket!

The Easter Basket |

I also gave one to my son Nathan.

The Easter Basket |

I even sewed him some cocktail napkins and included them in the basket.

Coctail Napkins |

His home is accented with red accessories, so I filled his Easter Basket with red candles and some red chargers for the dining table.

The Easter Basket |

But he was too busy to open it because, as my cohort in the kitchen, he was tied up preparing his signature Deviled Eggs.

The Easter Basket |

Deviled Eggs |

And I gave an Easter basket to my son Taylor.  He is a starving college student, so I decided he would appreciate plastic eggs filled with $20 dollar bills and gift certificates.  I was right!

The Easter Basket |

I gave the same basket of money to our youngest son Austin.  But, as you can see by the expression on his face, he considers himself too cool for such immature activities, even if it does involve cold-hard-cash.

The Easter Basket |

I also made an Easter Basket for my daughter-in-law Louisa. She likes to take baths, so I included a rubber ducky in a mixing bowl along with some baking mixes.

The Easter Basket |

She was very happy to get her Easter Basket……

The Easter Basket |

very happy indeed……

The Easter Basket |

So happy, in fact, that she made me a Mojito!

Mojitos | www.AfterOrangeCounty

I like Mojitos!  I think I’ll give Louisa another Easter Basket this year and hopefully, get another Mojito!

So, what do you think about giving Easter Baskets to grown children?

The Easter Basket……

To Give or Not to Give.  That is the question!

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