Hi Peeps!

I have two things I want to tell you today.

  1. After Orange County is being featured on one of my favorite blogs.  The blog is called Rough Luxe Lifestyle by Cindy Hattersley. Cindy has become a blogger friend and mentor and is someone I really admire and respect. She is a very talented interior designer and is the owner of Cindy Hattersley Design.  I am humbled and honored that, at the risk of sounding a little sappySHE “LIKES” ME!  She even likes me enough to feature my Blog on her Blog.  Please pop over to her blog, say hi, and tell her I sent you. I know she would be delighted to hear from you. Click here to do so.

She "Likes" Me |

And speaking of saying hi…. The second thing I have to tell you today is:

2. FINALLY, after 10 months of working very hard at this blogging stuff, THE “COMMENTS” ON THE BLOG ARE WORKING CORRECTLY!!! If you scroll down to the very bottom of every post you’ll find a box where you can leave a comment.

So, why is that important???

Well, blogs are supposed to be engaging places.  They are supposed to be places where people can connect and find a community of like-minded friends.

My blog is meant to be a two-way-street, NOT A MONOLOGUE! If you aren’t already my friend, I invite you to become my friend here.  Say hi, let me know you are out there. I want to hear from you. Tell me what you think about the things I have to say here. I welcome your feedback. And, I’d love for you to tell me about things you think I’d like to know.

The blogosphere is a very big place, and it’s getting more crowded by the second. As a little fish in a very big and growing blogosphere, I, like all bloggers, want is to be recognized, followed, “liked” and talked to by the folks like you who are out there listening but can’t be seen.  However, you can be heard too. All it takes is a comment. So, I really do hope to hear from you soon. I’m listening. 

So today I am reminded of when, at the Academy Awards, actress Sally Field famously said; ” You like me, you really like me”.  Well, my goal in writing After Orange County is to have you “like” me. I am so happy and grateful that blogger Cindy Hattersley “likes” me. I’m hoping you do too! Being “Liked” on Facebook, and “Followed” on Twitter is what us bloggers strive for. So, please excuse my Sally Field moment!

Thanks for dropping in!  Do please leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

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