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Well, this weekend I’ll be celebrating not only Mother’s Day but a BIG birthday also. It’s one of those birthdays that ends in an ZERO. And it’s one of those birthdays that nobody wants to celebrate. In my way of thinking, any birthday ending in a zero, after you reach the ripe old age of 20, is always traumatic. And I must admit, anticipating this particular birthday has been particularly traumatic for me.

The good news is I have a wonderful husband who has made wonderful plans for me this weekend.

My Coronado Island Birthday Celebration 2 Years Ago
My Coronado Island Birthday Celebration 2 Years Ago

It’s all in an attempt to help me focus on good friends, great fun, and fantastic food, all accompanied by lots of fabulous wine in which to drown any of my sorrows over getting older.

My Cooking School Birthday Last Year

My Cooking School Birthday Last Year

So here’s what Brad has planned for us…

We will be the guests of a wonderful blogger friend of mine named Cindy Hattersley of Rough Luxe Lifestyle. Although I have never actually met Cindy in person, she has become a cherished cyber friend. Cindy discovered my blog when I was just getting started, and as a very successful and seasoned blogger, lent me untold support and blogging advice. In fact, she even wrote a blog post about me that you can read by clicking here.

Cindy, an interior designer, and her builder husband, own a magnificent vacation home called Villa Cantina. Her home is located on Lake Nacimiento in the robust wine country of central California. By clicking on the photo below you can visit her beautiful home on Vacation Rentals By Owner.

Cindy Hattersley's Beautiful Villa Cantina

Cindy Hattersley’s Beautiful Villa Cantina

My 3 best friends and their husbands will be joining us for the weekend. Starting tonight we will be enjoying this beautiful living room, designed by Cindy Hattersley herself, Interior Designer extraordinaire. 

A BIG BIRTHDAY | Villa Cantina |www.AfterOrange County.com

Although all 5 bedrooms in Villa Cantina look fantastic, I’ve got dibs on the beautiful Master Bedroom.

A BIG BIRTHDAY | Villa Cantina |www.AfterOrange County.com

Brad has plans for us to visit 3 wineries on Saturday and then have dinner at one of Cindy’s recommended restaurants, Artisan, for dinner.

Artisan Paso Robles | www.AfterOrangeCounty.comArtisan Paso Robles | www.AfterOrangeCounty.com

I also wanted to tell you that my friend Cindy Hattersley of Rough Luxe Perspective is having a Barn Sale this Saturday, May 9th. If you happen to be in the central California area you must make it a point to drop in and see all the wonderful items she will be offering for sale. From antiques, to textiles to home decor, I am sure it is a sale not to be missed.

Barn Sale

29226 Chualar Canyon Road

Chualar, CA

Please stay tuned and next week I’ll tell you all about my BIG BIRTHDAY weekend. I’ll share with you our visits to some really wonderful wineries plus I’ll take you inside Cindy Hattersley’s beautiful home.

Wishing all you mothers out there a VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. 

So there you have it: A BIG BIRTHDAY

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