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A Look Back

I hope you caught my blog post earlier in the week about our Wonderful Weekend on Orcas Island. If you missed it please click here. I have so much to share of this very special place that I plan to show you more of the island and our super charming accommodations at Rutabaga Farm this coming week. So please stay tuned.


A WEEKEND ON ORCAS ISLAND | Eastsound Village |

Something Beautiful to Listen to on Sunday

So, I learned something new this week. After hearing the most beautiful song celebrating the Jewish holy days of Rosh Hashanah, I wanted to know what Rosh Hashanah was. I learned that it literally means “Head of the Year”. It’s the Jewish New Year, celebrated over two days starting on the first day of the Jewish calendar. This year it was celebrated from sunset on October 2 until sunset on October 4. It’s one of the holiest days in the Jewish faith and is an important occasion for families and communities to come together. Well, no matter what faith you may practice, this beautiful song can be enjoyed and appreciated by all. Give it a listen…

 A “Feel Good” Little Video on Sunday

This week I got an email from a documentary film producer by the name of Roseanne Ma. Here’s what she said…

Dear Celia

I just read your lovely post on Bermuda and noticed that it had not been updated with the sad news of Johnny Barnes’ passing this last July. I recently made public a short documentary on Johnny. I hope that it can give your readers some insight as to the man behind the landmark statue at Hamilton. The film features interviews from Johnny himself and the local children touch on his legacy and the positive effect he had on the island . Hope you enjoy the film.

Kind regards,
Rosanne Ma

Her short film is sweet and inspiring so I thought I’d share it with you here. Enjoy…

Rest in peace Johnny Barnes. You were a good, good man.

It’s a Pinteresting Sunday

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Sundays With Celia Vol 16 |

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