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Looking Back on Sunday

And what an interesting & memorable week it’s been! But the circus of politics has finally taken down the big top and hopefully left town. That has left some of us feeling happy, others feeling sad, some are surprised and others are just outright mad. I’m just glad it’s over with. 


So in an effort to encourage a little levity on election day I published a feel-good article about My Life At The Lake. It was designed to take you away, away to a place where life is slower, where Washington politics is 3,000 miles away, and where you might just escape a bit. Click here to be transported.

MY LIFE AT THE LAKE | Lake Arrowhead, CA |

I also wrote a post about The Most Charming Tiny House I’ve Ever Seen. Click here to see how one man has taken tiny to a whole new level.


Brad & I attended our monthly Comfort Food Dinner this week at the home of our dear friends Ruth & Mark.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 21 | Comfort Food Dinner |

Mark & Bob went on their annual pheasant hunting trip and for a 3rd year in a row served pheasant to our Comfort Food Group. This year they prepared Pheasant Pot Pie which was surprisingly good.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 21 | Pheasant Pot Pie |

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 21 | Pheasant Pot Pie |

My contribution to the meal was an Asparagus Cheese Tart. I promise to share the yummy recipe with you soon.

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 21 | Asparagus Cheese Tart | www.AfterOrangeCounty.comSUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 21 | Asparagus Cheese Tart |

Binge Watching “The Crown” on Sunday

Last week a new Netflix-original television drama series began called The Crown. You can now watch all of the first season, (10, one-hour episodes) which was released in its entirety on November 4th. It’s the biographical story of Queen Elizabeth, and it chronicles her life from the 1940s to modern times.  It gives us a perspective on Queen Elizabeth that I would not have imagined. She is portrayed, at least in the first 3 episodes that I’ve watched, as a somewhat naive, sweet and sympathetic character. Her husband, Prince Phillip, on the other hand surprised me, as he is depicted as an immature, fun-seeking, narcissistic character who is not well liked by the Windsor family. I’m sure all of this changes as the series continues, and I look forward to watching as the life of Britain’s royal family unfolds in this historical account of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

Here’s the titillating trailer…

What I’m Cooking On Sunday

I love eggplant. Yes, that may be shocking to some of you, as I have a sneaking suspicion that eggplant is not so well liked by many. That is unless you’re from India where it is considered the “King of Vegetables.” It does have a bit of an odd, somewhat slimy texture, but if prepared properly it is simply divine. I love Baba Ganoush, a Middle Eastern eggplant dip that’s delicious. I also like to sprinkle thin slices of eggplant with olive oil, salt & pepper and throw it on the grill. But I like it best in my favorite pasta recipe, and that’s what I’m cooking for dinner tonight. You should too! I’m telling you, this is one of my most delicious recipes. Plus eggplant is full of antioxidants which help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and best of all it’s very low in calories. If you’d like to learn more about the healthy benefits of Eggplant I urge you to read this terrific article, 27 Science-Based Health Benefits of Eggplant by a respected website called Well-Being Secrets. I’m so happy to know that something I love is low calorie too!

SUNDAYS WITH CELIA VOL 21 | Eggplant Pasta Recipe |

Sundays With Masterpiece Theater

I’m not a lover of traditional television and find very little of interest on big network TV. However, I find myself looking forward to Sunday nights because Masterpiece Theater has a Sunday night lineup of 3 really, really good programs. As you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m a sucker for period pieces and find these programs not only entertaining but of educational and historical value.

Starting at 8:00 pm there’s The Durrells in Corfu.

Next at 9:00 pm is Poldark.

And finally, at 10:00 pm is Indian Summers, which I think is my favorite of the 3.

Looking At Real Estate on Sunday

Brad and I share a love of real estate and are always looking for the perfect fixer-upper. Like many people, we are sometimes taken in with the idea that the grass may be greener somewhere else, even though it’s highly unlikely that anywhere on this planet could take the place of Lake Arrowhead, California. Nevertheless we couldn’t help being intrigued by an article on Pure Wow that shows us what $500,000 will buy in all of the 50 states, including DC.  From a tiny studio apartment in San Francisco and New York City, to a mega mansion in Texas or Tennessee, to a lighthouse in Virginia, it’s fascinating to see how far our real estate dollars can stretch from coast to coast. Read the article by clicking on the link below and let me know which property sets your heart a flutter. As for me, I think I could set down roots in the 7 bedroom Germantown, Pennsylvania abode built in 1790.


Here’s What $500,000 Will Buy You in All 50 States (and D.C.)

Some Final Thoughts on Sunday

  • I’m an Ina Garten fan. Here’s a list of her 22 Most Popular Thanksgiving Recipes.
  • What 15 countries in the world do you think have the most well-traveled citizens? Take a guess then find out here.
  • Here’s what the nice folks at FamousDC were doing on Election Day.

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